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About TAES

Writing, editing and research

TAES helps you reach your audience by providing effective writing, editing and research support.

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TAES has the flexibility to reflect your tone and concepts, and connect you to your readers. TAES provides effective writing support and mentoring for those who are too busy, have ideas but limited means to express them, or who are not yet confident writing in English.


From project reports to campaign documents, draft manuscripts, or papers for presentation and/or publication, TAES improves the text for your target readership. For either digital or hard-copy content, TAES editing helps you meet the professional standards you need to achieve, respectful of individual styles, and with supportive consultation.

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By verifying content or conducting new investigations, TAES can improve your reports and add to your list of quality publications. TAES research skills are thorough, tested and founded on academic qualifications and extensive experience. TAES analysis, either desk-based or from field research, is a valuable component of your knowledge products.

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