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Timor Academic English Services

TA'ES Services

Quality editing, writing and teaching with Timor context


Improving clarity and readability

From project reports to campaign documents, draft manuscripts and academic theses to papers for presentation or publication, TA'ES improves the material for your target readership, either online or hard copy. TA'ES helps you meet the professional standards you need to achieve, respectful of individual styles and with supportive consultation.


Promoting understanding and ideas

TA'ES has the flexibility to help you reach your audience, reflect your tone and concepts, and connect you to your readers. TA'ES provides effective writing support and mentoring for those who are too busy, have the ideas but not the means to express them or who are not yet confident writing in English.

English Teaching/Teacher Mentoring

 Increasing ability and confidence

For almost twenty years, TA'ES has developed and encouraged the skills of English-language learners. If your goal is to study in an English-speaking country or to improve your general abilities, or you want to expand your capacity to teach English, TA'ES has the experience to support you.


“TA'ES did not only edit; it shared my passion and interest, making the journey to publication much more meaningful.” 

Sher Banu AL Khan

Writing Supplies

TA'ES Online

Experience in and knowledge of Timor-Leste and the wider region

TA’ES offers more than editing and writing services. Substantial regional understanding through experience complements a proven base of research skills from postgraduate studies in history. These additional assets enable TA’ES to hone writing projects to a level of greater quality.

TA'ES has provided a variety of services for different organisations in the region -- from UN agencies and international NGOs to government, national organisations and community enterprises. TA'ES is recommended by Australian government aid programs and regional publishing houses.


TA'ES Background

TA’ES was established by Emma Coupland, a long-term resident of Dili, Timor-Leste. Emma, who has an MA in History by thesis, has written for a variety of projects. She is a qualified, experienced proofreader and copy-editor, with expertise in supporting non-native English writers. She has also taught English as a Second Language for two decades, specialising in English for specific purposes and IELTS. Having had numerous other roles across sectors including education, justice and employment means Emma has a strong knowledge base. She has travelled throughout the region, accumulating cultural, political and historical understanding of the archipelago.
One of her positions − a scholarship coordinator for seven years − assisted Timorese in preparing for life/study in the US. She also worked for over two years with Timor-Leste’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CAVR) where she researched and wrote a CAVR publication.

Emma is fluent in Tetun and can provide Tetun-to-English translation/interpreting, training in Tetun for non-English speakers and other project-support services.


Words are the raw material of our craft. ... We who write in English are fortunate to have the richest and most versatile language in the world. PD James, 1920─2014

The secret to editing your work is simple: you need to become its reader instead of its writer. Zadie Smith

Recommendations for TA'ES

Savu Cover-compressed.jpg


TA'ES is superb, reliable and thorough, and especially outstanding when correcting texts from non-English speakers. 

Savu is a complex 600-paged work with sources in different languages, lots of names and references, and many tables and appendices. TA'ES has successfully improved the text and paid meticulous attention to its clarity, and a strong knowledge of Southeast Asian societies has contributed to the good outcome.

Genevieve Duggan and Hans Hagerdal

TA'ES's work is excellent and professional. It is an impressive company of exceptional qualities and is able to handle every problem and crisis with remarkable efficiency.

Lena Qua, Managing Editor, NUS Press

The Promise.cover.compressed2.jpg

Promise is an edited volume. TA'ES understood the requirements of working with different authors from various disciplinary backgrounds. Proficient, effective and responsive, TA'ES applied regional, cultural and linguistic knowledge to catch mistakes and choose appropriate formulations, ideal for publications about Timor-Leste and Southeast Asia.

Judith Bovensiepen


TA'ES not only did a thorough job editing our text for grammar, language and consistency but went above and beyond the remit to add another layer of technical editing and fact checking. All of the input was invaluable to improving and strengthening the final result and showed real dedication and commitment to our guidebook project. This work was especially important as we required clear and easy-to-understand text for our many ESL readers and for translations into multiple languages.

Lachlan McKenzie

Previous Work

Some of the TA'ES partners and projects

Sovereign women cover-compressed.jpg

Sher Banu AL Khan, 2017

I was very fortunate to have TA’ES edit my book. The work done was professional, thorough and dedicated. TA’ES did not only edit; it shared my passion and interest, making the journey to publication much more meaningful.


UNFPA, 2017



MDF/Cardno, 2017



Client 6

NUS Press

Client 5

The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook

Client 2


Client 3


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